We Have Extra Security Tonight
by David Browning
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December 2021



Who is David Browning?

David Browning spent thirty two years traveling and entertaining as the Mayberry Deputy.  Working with Don Knotts, George Lindsey, James Best and many others from The Andy Griffith Show.  Since his eventual slowing down and beginning the process of retiring from his life on the road, David has taken up new and challenging activities. 

With a new found interest in painting, David has already had one art show in Abingdon Virginia and will be looking to do another in the near future. Please check the menu for his art page.

David is a multifaceted entertainer whose improvisation talent and characterizations allowed him to work in many locations and for many different groups of people.  Mayberry is a universal theme and provided opportunities for performances in forty states, and Canada. David has had extensive experience as an actor, theater director, and marketing professional. (professional experience)  For many years David was a mainstay for local theatre at Virginia Intermont College, Sullins College, Dogwood Theatre and Theatre Bristol. 

Production will begin soon for a movie that David has wanted to do for years but was on the road so much there wasn’t time.  Scrooge has played a big part in David’s life since he was in his twenties and he has performed a one man show of A Christmas Carol many times.  Now is the time and soon his one man presentation will become a movie.


The Mayberry Deputy/David Browning is A BRIDGE between The Andy Griffith Show and today.”
Don Knotts
, Actor & Barney Fife